Saturday, May 21, 2016

Picnic Quilt

 The picnic quilt has been finished and sent to it's new home! I finished this one myself with simple straight lines. The variety of cheerful colors and prints were so fun to work with! I gave it to my Mama for Mother's Day. She took it home to put in her new craft room, which is to have either a day bed or a twin. Happy times!

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Loft (Sewing and Crafting Space)

This room works hard and plays hard! We have most of our homeschool things, all of my craft and sewing things, games, and a TV with the Xbox in here. It's also decorated on a dime--mostly free and second-hand stuff. :) The seating is also creative because there isn't room for many seats near the TV, and whenever we have guests most of them end up in here. Everything except the love seat is lightweight and can be moved around the room. 

In the first photo I am standing at the top of the stairs looking into the room. The window treatments came with the house, as did the white book rack, the large farm table, and the square end table. I painted the room when we moved in last summer. 

I ordered the two bamboo blinds from JC Penney, which takes a couple of  months, but if you hit the sale right you can get them 70% off. There wasn't anything covering them previously, and the afternoon sun made this room unbearably hot! My husband also installed the ceiling fan last summer. The stools at the table used to be in the kitchen. The other seats are a Facebook sales page storage ottoman and a side table that I repurposed. A friend gave me the vintage picnic basket under the table, which we use to store kids' craft supplies. The sofa is a reclining leather love seat we found on Craig's List three or four years ago. There's a large floor pillow that lives under the end table when it's not being used (which isn't often!). Watson the dog is rarely farther than three feet away from me.  He follows me like. . . a dog. :)

In the next photo you can see the shelf a little more clearly. I've used this shelf in my sewing area for years. It is originally from TJ Maxx, as is the Pottery Barn look-alike wool rug (above).  The canning jars have chalkboard labels on them that I found on Etsy.  The quilt is a work-in-progress, and the glass hanging from the rod is a piece I made at a fun craft afternoon in Alaska. 

The white cabinet in the corner is a Pottery Barn Kids changing table that I snagged on a local for-sale page. It's perfect for craft storage--three drawers and a small cabinet, with pretty turned legs and a nice finish. I removed the changing table bed and put a craft mat and paper cutter on top.

I'm in the process of sorting fabric, so the green plastic cart holding my sewing box is destined for someone's closet soon. An IKEA cube shelf stores puzzles, art supplies, and school materials. It makes a good ironing counter near my sewing machine, also! The artwork is a wooden sign from Hawaii.

The white book rack (above) came with the house. The TV cabinet is a freebee that was standard oak with a broken door when my neighbor gave it to me (I saved it from a trip to the curb). I painted it and bought three knobs for about $12.  :) Another IKEA cube shelf, a small sewing table an elderly friend left to me, and a striped ottoman/stool I found at Target for $20 finish the corner.

The black box under the sewing table is a 1953 Singer Featherweight sewing machine that my great-grandmother bought (used) for my mother when she got married. I learned to sew on it.

The room is open to the entry and dining room below. There are several small windows there, but the light blocks them out in this picture.

This beastly TV unit (below) stayed with the house also (the sellers were downsizing and we finagled some of their surplus into the deal). The sides hold books, the bottom holds games and puzzles, and the top center holds fabric. I also see the ceiling fixture that my husband left on top of the cabinet last summer. . . I don't look up there too often! You can barely see a little blue cabinet that I bought at a flea market about ten years ago, which holds our printer. There's a bit of someone's arm finishing their soup, too. :)

Besides the kitchen, this room gets more use than any other room! We can all be doing homework, sewing, watching TV, snacking, or whatever, in here together. And that keeps the downstairs clean, which I love. I don't mind leaving this table a mess since I don't have to look at it when I'm cooking or move it so we can sit down for dinner! It's definitely my favorite room in the house.