Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bluebird Baby Quilt

It was inspired by the bluebird fabric.  I have always loved birds, and blue and yellow--I had to get some as soon as I saw it!  I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it, but I bought the fabric, planned the project and made it when I had two small children and no third in sight--the baby then was my two year-old son! My husband thought it was a little nuts. ;-) I finished it and put it in my hope chest.  
 The shoo fly blocks have subtly different yellow-to-mustard backgrounds. It is backed with the bluebirds and bound with white-on-yellow polka dots.
This was the first thing I quilted by hand! I really enjoyed it. It had a soothing rhythm to it, like a good simple knitting pattern.
Anyway, the bluebirds flew out of the hope chest when Ella Rose was born. So glad that worked out! I would have given it to some sweet baby eventually. . . I think.

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