Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jane Austen Knitted Dress

This knitted dress was a joy to make--and since just the top is knitted, it is a quick project! After the dress was done I thought it needed a diaper cover.  And then it needed a little accessory.  
 I made the diaper cover using a purchased one that fit well, but I adjusted it so the leg elastic wouldn't be exposed. The headband is a simple fabric sleeve over elastic with a crocheted flower and fabric-covered button for a center. The fabric came from a nursing cover my sister made for me when Verity was born! It's very subtle in the photo but it has a soft pink and green flowers, dots, and vines print.
I love this picture of Verity. She was as sweet and snuggly a baby as she looks! But you are probably more interested in the dress, which you can find in Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines.  I looked at a few crocheted flower patterns online to refresh my memory and then made a simple one until it looked big enough to me.  You can find something similar and suitable here, I'm sure! Crocheted flowers are fun and simple, if you haven't tried them--this one took about 15 minutes and a very small bit of leftover yarn.

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  1. Now that I'm a Blogger I understand your comment about comments. I love reading your blog although I'm a bit behind honestly. I look forward to catching up on this one too. This dress (and baby verity) are just beautiful. You're very talented, my friend.


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