Friday, February 24, 2012

Half-Square Triangle Pillow

This little quilted pillow cover is one of the most recent things I've managed to finish.  I saw this Flower Sugar Quilt on Red Pepper Quilts and was struck with how she made the sweet floral fabrics look crisp and modern by using a simple pattern and dark grey fabric as a contrast.  I was inspired to try something similar but I chose a paler grey for slightly less contrast.

The patterned triangles are scraps from the girls' Easter dresses last year.

I'm partial to down-blend pillow inserts.  Allergies, piffle! Here is the back:

It's amazing how the solid grey makes the patterns in the other fabrics pop. Mixing colors and patterns is one of the things I like best about quilting!
Funny, I just noticed that I put the colors on the bottom half instead of the top.  I wonder if that was a left-handed brain thing? It just looked right to me that way.

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