Friday, February 17, 2012

Verity's Doll Quilt

This little doll quilt was a recent gift for my two year-old.  I made it entirely from scrap and stash fabric.  Some of it is pretty old! As in, I remember my Mama having the pale pink calico in her stash when I was little, and I salvaged the free green calico binding and backing out of an extensive collection of '70's polyester.  The only fresh piece I cut into was a '30's fat quarter with kitties on it. 

This is also partially upcycled, because the pink and green vines (four squares shown above) came from  a nursing cover that my sister made for me when Verity was born. :) It's machine quilted in a simple windowpane design. It was a FAST project, being a last-minute gift!
This is the first quilting project I have made in at least a year (we went through a move that lasted 6 months and 2 days last year--just the nights between sleeping in our own beds. No joke.) I forgot the typical width for cutting bias tape and didn't take the time to look it up, so the binding ended up super-skinny! I didn't want to waste the fabric though and I think it looks OK on the little doll quilt.  
Verity's name is embroidered free-hand in the corner.  The little quilt is already puckery and wrinkly from being loved and washed in its short life! 

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