Thursday, March 1, 2012

Irons in the Fire

I've been feeling unproductive--creatively, that is. I have three project ideas that I can't wait to try, but I already have several things to finish. Too many irons in the fire, that's my problem!
There are dozens of 1930's repro chicks waiting to be quilted:

A loose floral print, a Belgian lace rose, and another old skirt are ready to be sewn up into a Kindle sleeve:

It was a cute red gingham pencil skirt I inherited from my sister. Unfortunately, it had too much stretch in the wrong places, if you know what I mean! Oh well. I suppose a thirty-something with four kids should be over wearing stretchy pencil skirts. It will make a perfect lining!

There is also yet another corner of vines and strawberries to finish embroidering on this tablecloth:

I thought I might spend part of the afternoon sewing yesterday or today, but other things called. Beth wanted to use the sewing machine for the fleecy pillows and sleeping bags she is making for her Webkinz Zumbuddies, and I had been wanting to make Pioneer Woman's cinnamon toast.  So we did.


  1. That little chic is adorable! Good luck getting everything done!

  2. I know what you mean by too many irons in the fire! But your work is lovely.

  3. Thank you! I can't wait to get the chicks quilted, it's my first project with '30's fabrics. :)

  4. Everything looks so beautiful! Can't wait to see the kindle cover sewn. I have a cover to make that I have only half figured out! But have two other things ahead of that project!! Yikes! Better get busy. M.

  5. Oh how lovely. I know all about too many irons in the fire. :)


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