Monday, March 12, 2012

New Treats

Unfortunately, I have not made much progress this week! I worked on the chicky quilt top a little bit. My husband is on a trip for work and my sister and nephew have come for a visit, which means my sister and I are spending LOTS of time catching up and keeping 5 kiddos occupied all day.  And since my sister currently lives in Japan, she brought me some new treats straight from the source!

 There are fat quarters with paisley, little deer, and tiny flowers.  There are fat eighths with little strawberries and twining vines, and a lovely little charm pack of green florals.  So fun! 

I have a few small goals this week.  I want to hem a bathing suit top and fix the elastic neckline in a blouse for my Beth. I hope to stitch the Kindle sleeve together and finish embroidering a linen pillow sham for my bed. We'll see!

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