Friday, April 6, 2012

Liberty Sweet Dreams Pillow

Here is the second thing I just finished! I ordered a scrap bag of Liberty prints with a specific project in mind.  When I dumped them out on the table I couldn't resist sorting and trimming them into stacks of small and large squares.  Once the squares were cut I started playing with small ones, and this is what happened:

I organized the squares in a sort of color wash.  I mixed two of them when I picked up the squares to stitch rows, but it's not terribly obvious. And I didn't notice until I had the entire grid together, so I didn't take it apart to switch them back! I read somewhere that there is one small mistake in every project, so there it is. 

I love Liberty of London. :) Here is the back:

The front is quilted, the back is not. There is an invisible zipper closure on the side.
"Sweet dreams" is stitched in French in the corner.  I typed the phrase in a font I liked, printed it out and traced it through the thin fabric.

I tried to take a close-up of the embroidered words several times, but alas I was using my iPhone and I'm no photographer.  The pictures kept turning out blurry. Have I mentioned this house is dark inside? It's the least bright of any house we've had. We survive because there are windows in the right places, and when living in Hawaii having a shaded house is not all bad.  However.  I'm definitely a sunny window sort of person!

I do not mean to complain though--it's very roomy, has an eat-in kitchen, and it's new. For military housing, it's wonderful!

Anyhow, the pillow is nestled in with the others on the sofa.  One more for the sofa I think, and then I have one for Luke and one for my bed to sew.  Luke might get his first. I'm turning a small cross stitched wall hanging into a pillow cover for his bed, so I really just have to cut and sew a back for it.

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