Monday, April 2, 2012

Queen Anne's Lace Pillow Sham (Finished)

Much to my surprise, I finished two things last week! SO exciting. The first is the linen pillow sham I've been stitching.

I'm very happy with it! It is a quick design and the airiness is a nice match for the linen.
The subdued northern light we get in this bedroom makes the grey-blue seem chilly! I have always loved a neutrally colored bedroom, but now I'm thinking that we need some pop.

Lots of little French knots.  Twist, poke, pull, twist, poke, pull.  I admit to undoing more than one of them because it wasn't quite tight enough!

Our TV has been broken though--it is only several months old, but the screen blinked out on us.  Fortunately it was still under warranty, but the result has been that no TV = no embroidery! I have been reading or using the sewing machine instead. Or figuring out what we are going to use for curriculum next year in our little homeschool.

I did pick up some paint chips when we were at Lowes the other day.

Hopefully one will be a good match for my pine chest!

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