Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chicks and Daisies Quilt

This one has been in progress since 2009! I was pregnant with a baby girl and wanted to make her a quilt using retro 1930's prints.

The pattern is inspired by two different Black Mountain Quilts designs. There is a pattern with ducks and daisies (not on the website) in the book Quilting With My Sister. My quilt is sort of a mosh of the two patterns. I drafted my own shapes for the chicks.  My scissor-loving mother cut all of the chicks for me! She also loves chickens and grandbabies. It was a win-win. This is a simple fusible-applique design.  Really, the hardest part was centering the curvy, asymmetrical chicks on top of the blocks.

Aren't the multi-colored background dots nice? I wandered around the quilt shop for ages carrying my stack of fabrics for the chicks, trying to find something that had a little interest without competing with the patterns in the applique fabrics.  The kind lady at the shop suggested the dots. I love kind ladies at quilt shops!

I embroidered their skinny legs.  The eyes gave me a few problems--I tried a few different things before settling on --ta-da!-- black Sharpie circles outlined with stem stitching.  Satin stitching was torture through the layers, and black felt just didn't work.  The pieces were too small and it made the poor birdies look freaky.  Black buttons or beads would have been really cute, but it's a baby quilt! Babies like to pick at things.

In my opinion, there are few things that cannot be fixed or improved with either Sharpies or a small dab of paint. Non-edible things, anyway.  For edible things you need butter. Butter or chocolate.

The colors look a little dark in this photo, but you can see the slight puffiness and wrinkliness I love that comes from not pre-washing the fabrics. It originally had an inner pink border, which is the reason it took so long to finish. After all of the work, I didn't like it! My amazing mother, who also likes seam rippers (yes, she's  a rare gem, and I'm keeping her ALL to myself!), picked the border apart.  I put in the yellow one, and I am so happy I did! The back is made of the same yellow mini-gingham.

Of course, one of the other reasons it took so long is that after the baby was born, I had four kids in the house. The urgency left me. She was so tiny anyway, and the quilt seemed so large! And then we moved. And here we are.

It feels so good to be crossing things off my list! I already started another one (okay, two).

Sometime soon I will take pictures of the strawberry tablecloth. Really.

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