Thursday, May 17, 2012

Collage Kindle Sleeve

I intended to post photos of the strawberry-embroidered tablecloth I finally finished. Yay! Fanfare please, I started that project last August!

However, when I was editing them I realized that the lovely green color of the tablecloth looked somewhat lurid in the photos I took this morning. I also noticed that there were some rather startlingly clear reflections of me, still wearing pajamas, in the glass doors of my dining room hutch. So, today you get pictures of the kindle sleeve!

I looked at several e-reader sleeve tutorials online and then drafted my own simple pattern.  It's lined with grey kona cotton and has cotton quilt batting in between the layers. Here's a close-up of the appliques on the front:

The fabric is called "Flower Basket Collage," from a Japanese collection.  I liked the Eiffel Tower image in the print so I placed it intentionally on the back and quilted around it with a cream zig-zag stitch (the black zig-zag is part of the image):

Here is the inside:

It doesn't have a closure, the flap just--well, flaps.  I don't like Velcro much and I was uncertain about using a magnet near the Kindle, so I just left it.

It was so fun and quick, I think I might make another!

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  1. AnonymousMay 31, 2012

    I warn you. If you bring this around me, I will steal it. ;)
    - Your littlest sister


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