Saturday, June 23, 2012

Salt Air and a Sampler

We have had company for a month! Things have been busy.  I had surgery on my leg Monday. Although I've been hobbling in and out of a pain-killer fog, the extra sitting time has been a good excuse for sewing.  I mean, I can do that with my leg elevated, and it doesn't matter much that my brain is mush if I can cut and sew a straight line! 

I have been helping my mom with her second quilt project (she is here doing all the things I usually do when my leg is NOT elevated).  I have also been dithering for a ridiculous amount of time over the pattern for my next project. I fell in love with Moda's "Urban Cowgirl" line some months ago and finally snatched up a fat quarter collection when I realized it was quickly disappearing from on-line shops.  I loved it even more when the fabric arrived, but I have been searching for just the right pattern to show off the fabrics! 

While trying to decide on that one, I took out a "Salt Air" charm pack and put this simple top together.  After seeing it come together I decided to make it a throw-sized gift instead of a baby quilt, so it's not done yet! Still, it was really satisfying to feel like I had accomplished something tangible this week! As in, something that will not have to be done over again next week. Like the laundry.

Here is the other thing I've been working on:

It is Alicia Paulson's Daisychain Sampler. I liked the design on her website, but I think I was put off by the mustard background in her example.  After I saw this one at Pretty By Hand, I realized that I LOVED the design and just wanted to pick my own colors! I also used her suggestions for using a feather-stitch on the "O" and using dots instead of lines to mark the design.  What a great idea! You can see the dots faintly in this photo; I prefer to use a super-sharp No. 2 pencil.

I am planning to hang this in the Chucklemops' bedroom, so I picked floss colors that match their decor.  
I have loved working on this project! I love the variety. And thanks to two lovely creative ladies, my little girls' room will be a little more homey. :)

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