Friday, September 14, 2012

Water Baby Quilt

This is a long overdue gift for a sweet baby girl.  The fabric is from the "Salt Air" collection, so "Water Baby" seemed like a good name for the quilt! It's a simple design, but fun. This is the most modern looking quilt I have made so far.  It's also the first I have finished without adding any borders. 

I have somewhat of a split personality when it comes to sewing. I love romantic, scrolling, subdued fabrics like those at French General and so many at Moda.  But I'm also strongly drawn to modern quilts--the bold graphics, the cheerful brightness of the colors. Both sweet florals and mod retros rub along together in my cupboard. This quilt has a little bit of everything that I love: swirling soft greys, greens, and blues, but it also has a strong design and there are some brights in there, as well.  

 There is indeed a little water baby sitting in a conch shell boat on the back.  I would have taken a close-up, but the breeze was being too playful and my husband was anxious to get back to football. Ugh, and he's holding it "sideways." I suppose it's not truly directional. The pictures, the pictures. . . they are the reason I don't blog as often as I'd like! For some reason it seems like there's never enough time to take pictures. Well, there is some time. But it's usually dark. 

This is also the first time I have pieced the back. I used some solids that have been in my stash and the leftover squares from the two charm packs I used on the front. Summer may be over, but the baby will have a bit of it with her when this blanket is around!

This is the second time I have attached the binding by machine using the Red Pepper Quilts method.  It came out beautifully! It's a great tutorial.

I have been using it to shield my legs from the A/C in the evenings. It will be nice and soft and broken-in when I wash it again and wrap it! Hopefully it will see many days of peaceful naps, dolly tea-parties and bedroom forts.  I haven't let too many of my quilts out of my home! And none outside of my family, to this point. Happy life, little quilt.

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  1. That's so pretty -- it really shows off the fabrics!


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