Monday, October 29, 2012

Yummy Crochet

I have not crocheted in years. I made one or two flowers for baby headbands.  Otherwise I made...mmm, several afghans 15 or so years ago? Then I was in Barnes and Noble recently and my daughter saw this kit, Yummy Crochet. (It was only 15.00 in the store. For some reason it is twice that on Amazon!)  She really, really wanted it. Not really thinking about the complexity of adding/combining stitches and working in rounds, I bought it for her as a birthday gift, thinking she would enjoy making them together.

Not too much later, she was frustrated by the small gauge and the less-than-ideal pink yarn.  We decided I would make the pieces and she would help stuff and stitch them.  After a false start with the bottom of the cupcake, I remembered how to do a hdc properly. Here is the absolutely adorable result:

These patterns are all so fun.  I wanted to make every pattern in the book, from the coffee and cookies, to the BLT and the sushi! There are adorable peas in a pod, corn in the husk, eggs both white and cracked with the yellow peeping out, turnips, a cheeseburger, oranges, and a hot dog.  Several of the patterns are shown in more than one colorway, for inspiration.

The kit has enough materials to make this pink and chocolate cupcake as well as a chocolate donut with white icing.  I found more of the same safety eyes at JoAnn's, so I think we are well supplied for a small pantry stash of yarn goodies!

The directions were clear enough for a refresher, but the patterns are not terribly clear and I found a couple of mistakes and omissions on the three patterns I've completed. They weren't enough to make me dislike the book, but it would be frustrating for a beginner. One of the things that isn't clear is that the rounds are spiraling rather than completed.  That is easy enough to fix with a stitch marker after puzzling through it for a few minutes, but it's initially confusing.

Here is the donut:

I switched from holding the hook the way I was taught (like a pencil) to a way that felt more natural to me (like a knife).  The new technique fixed the main gripe I used to have with crocheting,  which was that it tired my wrist quickly.

Here is the back:

Small, fast, and uber cute.  My daughter is thrilled! And I like that I can use up bits of stash yarn and have something completed so quickly.  We've had a lot of fun. :)

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