Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Cookie Garland

The round sugar cookies are from a kit I purchased and made last year from Nana Company. I wanted to put them into a garland then, but I didn't have time until this year! I drew up a template for the gingerbread cookies myself.  Beads leftover from the sugar cookies and some sticky scrapbooking accents finished them. The pink buttons are actually sparkly like little gumdrops! Their little mouths are embroidered.

This was my first time experimenting with wool felt beads.  Making them took me back to my childhood, rolling balls of Silly Putty! They took some time,  but it was very manageable to make 6-8 per day for several days. The only problem I had was keeping the Chucklemops from carrying them off to play until I was ready to string everything! I'm pretty sure they had wool bead soup from their play kitchen one day.  And I found several in my (clean) teapot on the kitchen counter.

 We had fun stringing them together.  Well, they played with the colored beads and handed me the ones I requested.  When my husband came home from work they ran pulling him and pointing, "Look what we made today!"  So funny. :)

The garland is strung on some cream wool-blend yarn from my stash.

I love having homemade decorations to re-use each year! I stocked up on some wool roving in more colors. We'll have to think of something else to make with them.  Even if it's just soup.

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