Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seaside Disappearing Nine Patch


I love, love the way this quilt is coming together.  I carefully chose the pattern for a particular person with sometimes unpredictable cottagy-modern-minimalist tastes.  I deliberated over it to no end, but finally realized that this was it. I love that moment when at last you know you've got the right plan!

The colors were easy--beachy, sea-glass blues and greens with a small shot of orange, for sunshine (it's her favorite color, anyway).  The stack of fabrics is just lovely.  It's like looking at one of those web photos of a hammock swaying over the sand, or Adirondacks on a white painted porch at the seaside.

I cut all of the nine patch blocks and began stitching them together.  Then someone who knew I was making this quilt texted me, to tell me that the person I'm making this for just pinned this exact same pattern to Pinterest! (Yes, please read that again. I can't figure out how to say that any clearer!) HA. I knew it. :) I can't wait to finish it!  The only sad part will be popping it into the mail instead of bringing it to her in person. 

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