Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Summertime Crocheted Pillow

I am a mostly practical person.  I don't buy "stuff" and we make regular trips to Salvation Army to leave things. 

BUT, I love buying souvenirs.  Completely impractical.  Not the dusty, plastic-y sort. Mostly small watercolor postcards or paintings by local artists and....yarn.  I love yarn shops. I enjoy the friendly ladies that invariably congregate in them. Each has it's own personality! I am totally thrilled by searching out a new shop in whatever new place I happen to visit and bringing home several skeins of something, for later. 

This pillow is my souvenir from a lovely day in Seattle last fall. It's crocheted in random stripes with three skeins Rowan's Summertime cotton.  

The bird pillow is from Pottery Barn.

I crocheted a square to fit a pillow insert I already had. To stabilize the crocheted square and make it easier to sew evenly to the back, I basted it to a square of white scrap fabric with the sewing machine.  

For the back, I used a piece of very pale blue cotton from my stash.  The cotton is layered on top of a piece of batting and quilted in random rows (mimicking the front) using white, teal and green thread.

From that point I sewed the pieces together, using an invisible zipper on one side for the closure.  Ta Da!

The only other things we tend to accumulate are books, Legos, and fabric. Oh, and cookie cutters. Totally overboard.  I suppose there are worse problems.

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