Thursday, May 9, 2013

Salt Water Quilt

 Finished!! It looks a little wrinkled and wonky lying unevenly in the grass, but I was so anxious to pop it into the mail that I didn't wait to take better pictures!

I used a large selection of green, aqua and beige fabrics, with a few little scraps of orange. It measures 50" x 62", and it's the largest I have ever done! I really, really wanted to free motion quilt it. I have been taking a Craftsy class on how to FMQ, but in the end I was too nervous to try it on a gift, especially one this large!  I ended up quilting all of the sashing in the ditch, and then quilting around each large square, and putting a "+" through the other blocks.

Despite the harsh light (I thought the grass in the afternoon sunshine would be better than my dark house . . . I guess not!) I am pleased with how flat it was when finished.  Keeping the layers smooth has always been the hardest part for me!

 I intentionally embroidered the label with thread the same color as the patch.  It looks pretty, but it is subtle and doesn't stand out from a distance.  You can see it in the center photograph, in the top right-hand corner.

 This one is from farther away, but I think it turned out the best:

I have never wanted to use a long arm machine or let someone else do the quilting before, but the size and pattern of this one made me want to try! Perhaps I'll be able to do that someday. . .

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