Thursday, May 23, 2013

Strawberry Scissor Keeper & Chicken Pin Cushion

My sweet Mama asked me to make her a new sleeve/keeper/thing for her little scissors. And since really I cannot think of another single thing she has ever asked me to make for her, I thought she ought to get a special one! I did a Pinterest search and found the nicest pattern. She loves strawberries:

The leaf is a flap that covers the pocket opening at the top of the strawberry. 

The original pattern had a ribbon loop and bow on the front.  I'm not into bows and neither is Mama, so I made a stem loopy and a leaf for the back instead.  At this point, I tried my scissors on the berry for size and realized Mama's scissors wouldn't fit. Arggg!! So we slipped in my newish little silver French ones. :) My daughter helped me with the berry. . . she cut the paper pattern and the wool felt.

After cutting the berry she decided she would rather write a story about a chicken to go with the pin cushion I made to go with the strawberry.  Here is the very cute (blurry) chicken pin cushion:

Really, it's a terrible photo, but I am happy to have one that doesn't make it look hot pink.  Also, this one doesn't have any weird shadows from my son who was doing his math at the same counter and kept wanting to pull the pins from the poor Cluck. She has little black bead eyes.

Here is a view of the bottom, which I am including because that is the only part where I changed the directions. I didn't like the pointy front on the bottom of the pin cushion in the pattern, so I pulled the point down to make a little tuck and whipped it to the body with a couple of stitches.  Then (I used a super long doll-making needle, so this would work) I pushed the needle from the front of the body through the chicken to the tail, and back around through the body, pulled it up slightly and knotted the thread.  Taking the stitch through the body pulled in the tail a bit in the back and make it look less flat/more sculpted.

We also sent Mama a tape measure that looks like a strawberry (Oh Etsy, I love you!) to go with the story that goes with the chicken, to go with the scissors that fit in the scissor keeper (in the house that Jack built). Oh, and a bag of chocolate-covered macadamias.  Those are obligatory in boxes from Hawaii!

If all this clucking berry cuteness is just too much and you feel an urge to stitch some for yourself, here are the links to the free and simple tutorials:

Strawberry Scissor Keeper    (sized for a small pair of embroidery snips)

Chicken Pin Cushion This pattern is really fun and FAST! It also uses tiny scraps.

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  1. This is so beautiful! I will have to make one for myself!



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