Monday, October 21, 2013

New Scarves

I made new scarves for my girls.  They picked the colors! Top to bottom: moss stitch knit scarf with a crocheted ruffle, shell-stitch crocheted scarf, and a garter stitch scarf with ribbed ends.  My six year-old asked for a blue ruffle on her scarf. It's a berry pink that's not quite as bright as it looks in the photo.  I wouldn't have picked blue, but she loves it! It has seen a lot of inside dress-up wear already. :) 

And this is what happens when small children see you make things with needles and scissors! Someone used the scissors on the edge of the lavender scarf.  Fortunately, the surgery was carefully done (which also gave away the operator, ha, although I didn't mention it because she was clearly upset by the result!) and I was able to mend it quickly.  

These were all made with Cascade Sierra, a smooth cotton-wool blend that has been on clearance at  It's been fun to knit and crochet again--and it gives me something to do in the car when we're all making that long drive to town!

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