Monday, November 4, 2013

Fiona Button Scarf

Taking decent photos is becoming more and more difficult! Here in Fairbanks the sun is not coming up until nearly 10AM and it's growing dark again by 4:30.  I've never noticed the quality of the light itself becoming weaker in other placed during the fall, but I definitely have noticed it here!

Anyhow, this is another crochet project using 1 skein of Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn. The pattern is free and it's available here at the Fiber Flux blog.  It is a simple pattern but the lacy design is so pretty! It can be worn buttoned as a cowl, or loose as a traditional scarf.  The buttons pop through any handy lacy hole.  

I made this one to donate to a charity auction, but I love the pattern and this color so much! I might have to make another. 

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