Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mini Charm Pack Skirt

A free mini charm pack came in my first Block of the Month envelope.  It's been sitting in my basket for months but I finally decided what to do with it! It was perfect for a quick little bell-shaped skirt. I watched "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" with my kids last week and those girls' quilty-looking hoop skirts inspired me. :) And now my Chucklemop who cries if I make her wear pants has something new to wear!

To make it, I removed the red and white squares and sewed the remaining 32  2.5in squares into a long strip 2 squares by 16.  I used the strip of blocks to determine the width of the skirt and cut a rectangle the length of the skirt plus 2 inches.  It has a simple double-fold, top-stitched hem and a double-fold, .5 inch elastic waistband.  This skirt fits a size 4, but it could pass for 5 with a little less fullness. 

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