Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Saltwater Taffy Quilt

I recently finished my first project with a long-arm quilting machine! It was so exciting. I think the woman who owns the machine thought I was a little excessive in my enthusiasm, but it was like magic watching those perfect swirls and dragonflies ripple across the surface of my quilt!

This was also my first project with lots of bias edges in the piecing. It's also the first time I've made a pieced binding with leftover fabric. The points were kind of tricky, but overall I'm happy with the finished result! The pattern is called "Saltwater Taffy" and it's available from Fig Tree Quilts.

It was so fun to see the quilt stretched so smoothly (my least favorite part--basting and prepping to quilt!) and learn how to set up the machine, choose patterns, and fit them into the borders.  It (choke) almost doubled the cost of the quilt but for me it was a learning experience, not just a service. I learned so much from the quilter! We had a very fun evening as I picked her brain about all kinds of quilty things and filled up my own with all kinds of inspiration and techniques to try.

Thank you, thank you, to my sweet husband who was happy for me go do it and just kind of rolled his eyes when I gave him the bill. :)


  1. Beautiful -- love the fabrics, piecing, and quilting!


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