Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mini Christmas Tree Skirt

I was given a number of vintage Christmas tree ornaments that used to belong to my husband's Nana. My mother threatened to get rid of her 1970's sugary candy canes, lollipops, and garland that I loved as a kid, and so I rescued them from her. ;) I put aside several of my oldest, now vintage ornaments, and suddenly I had a vintage, pastel Christmas tree! I saw this cute tree skirt (on Pinterest of course) and decided to make a similar one for myself. Mine is sort of squarish, and I'm still in the process of choosing the bits and pieces for houses and trees. It's going to be more pastel and less modern looking than the photo. I want my houses to look sort of like gingerbread.

After several weeks of having the kitten and the children move the pieces and finding them on the floor, and realizing Christmas had come and gone and the time for Valentine's had come, I decided to fold it all up and put it away until I feel inspired to work on something Christmassy again.  Sort of disappointing, but I still love the idea and I know it will be waiting for me next year. :)

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