Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Small Things Pillow

I just finished a small project that has been in the works for months. The project itself wouldn't have taken long, but I kept forgetting about it because the little pile of plate pieces kept getting buried under other things. The embroidery pattern is free from Nana Company.  

I made a pattern for the Dresden plate and stitched it to a piece of linen. When I was ready to appliqué the embroidery into the center I found that the embroidery piece wasn't big enough to cover the hole! Oops. I fixed it by adding another circular layer in between. While the top circle looked pretty smooth and even, appliquéing the second circle onto the Dresden plate was more difficult. The perfectionist in me is a little frustrated. The other part thinks it's slightly wonky, but hey: handmade and all that, right? 

After the circles were finished, I quilted the outline of the plate onto a piece of batting and sewed it into a pillow cover with a pretty blue zipper underneath the back flap.

My mother thinks it's beautiful. Somehow that still feels as nice now as when I was in fourth or fifth grade. I decided to send it to her. :) It matches her sofa. It seemed like the thing to do.

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  1. I agree with you mother -- beautiful pillow.


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