Saturday, April 18, 2015

Summer Nightie

I have been trying to clean things out in preparation for our move this summer. I eventually came to my sewing closet, and although I managed to organize the first two shelves, by the time I got to the third I was entirely distracted by a piece of fabric that has been sitting in the box forever. It started becoming a little nightie before I realized what was happening. All I knew was, if I don't use this now, my girls will not be wanting little things made out of cute little birdies when I eventually get around to it!  Here it is:

It is just a simple thing--no pattern, just a tube the width of the fabric with a hem and little straps. I cut 2 inches off the top of the tube to reattach on the inside, using it to make a neat casing for the elastic and the ends of the straps. It was still a satisfying bit of sewing, and my twelve year-old learned what a bodkin is. That's productive, right?

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