Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cute Cut-Off Jeans

I used this tutorial from Make It and Love it blog yesterday to make these cute cut-off jean shorts.  They look girly and fun, so my daughter loves them. They make me think of retro-40's pin-up girls, all gingham and bandanas. No bright red lipstick for my girl yet, though--she's 5. :)

The tutorial is very straightforward and the pictures are great! I think the listed tie length is over-estimated. I trimmed a significant amount off of these and next time I will make them even shorter. The only tricky part was understanding the directions for sewing the tie to the hemmed tab on the outer leg. Basically, you want to sew far enough to enclose the raw edges on both sides of the outer tab.

This sweet little project took just about an hour (with interruptions). Perfect summer-level commitment. :)

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