Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Finished 2013 Block of the Month

It's finally finished! I received the first quilt block in the mail the week after we arrived in Alaska, and I finished embroidering the label the week before the movers come to pack us out. This is my "Alaska" project, without a doubt!

I didn't choose anything for this project except the fabric for the backing. The design was a "mystery," so I put it together as I received instructions in the mail each month. The colors in the photos are a little bright; they should be more navy and true red.  

I could not be happier with how it looks! All of the beautiful free-motion quilting was done by Kathy of Stitch by Stitch in Montana. She quilted loops in the inner borders and feathery swirls in the outer borders, and each block is quilted with individual designs that suit the shapes inside the blocks. I absolutely love it! My skills grew so much with this project, and I definitely feel like I've made an heirloom for my family!

Now, what to make next? :)

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