Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kitty Tote Bag

This sweet kitty tote bag is a gift for a friend. It was inspired by this one (click here) which I saw on Pinterest.  It's the perfect size for magazines, notebooks, or music lesson books.

I like to make lined bags instead of plain ones, to make them reversible (and cute!). The pocket is lined, too; it's essentially a very large patch that I turned inside out, pressed, and then attached to the bag on three sides. When inserting the straps blind this way, instead of reinforcing them on the outside, I recommend topstitching two rows around both the top and pocket for reinforcement. The straps are also reinforced inside the seams several times. 

I drew the kitty onto a piece of paper and then drew it onto the fabric with a sharp pencil before embroidering it with two strands of purple floss. 

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