Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Sewing Space

This is why I haven't had any new projects to post: we recently moved again, and now that we're settling into the house I'm finally getting my sewing things arranged! This is the way the new space looked when the last owners used it:

(I used the photo from Metro List.)

We were able to obtain the large cabinet and the table from the previous owners, but we rearranged the furniture so that it would suit our needs better. I also repainted; the above picture had to have been  photoshopped because the beige was nowhere near that bright and the red was dull and flat, reminding me of a package of hamburger left in the fridge a tad too long. 

In the final photo the room is coming together but it's not quite there. I lightened the paint in the top half of the room and painted the brown chair rail the same color. After the painting was finished I realized that the original window treatments still matched, and I liked how the stripes reminded me of  awning or umbrella fabric next to the beach picture. :) So we put them back up on the windows.

This is a large room that's a shared space. I'm sad that I lost my own sewing corner, but it's nice to have my other craft supplies in the same room. The homeschool supplies, a small sofa, and a small TV are on the other side of the room, so theoretically I could sew and watch a movie, or sew while the girls are working independently. We'll see how that goes!

I'll post more pictures when I'm finished.

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