About Me

I live in Grand Central Station. (That's what the sign says over the door.) The six of us recently left Alaska for sunny Northern California--right back where I started from!

I love to make almost anything with fabric or yarn. My Mama taught me the basics of hand and machine sewing, but I am a self-taught quilter. Learning new techniques is part of the fun, so you will find links and reviews to many tutorials on this blog! 

Many of the things I make are for the Chucklemops--my two little girls. Many other things find their way to my friends.

When I am too tired don't have time to sew I read lovely crafty blogs and all sorts of books, or take my adorable Watson for walks to the coffee shop. Sometimes I take a break from sewing and dabble with pencils and paints. I do enjoy puttering in the kitchen, but I wish we could do something about the three-times-EVERY-DAY thing. If I could roast a chicken about every third day, then much more sewing would get done!

Thanks for visiting :)