About Me

I live in Grand Central Station. (That's what the sign says over the door.) We have been in sunny Northern California for the last few years, but we are headed to New England this summer!

I love to make almost anything with fabric or yarn. My Mama taught me the basics of hand and machine sewing, but I am a self-taught quilter. Learning new techniques is part of the fun, so you will find links and reviews to many tutorials on this blog! 

Many of the things I make are for the Chucklemops--my two little girls. Many other things find their way to my friends.

When I am too tired don't have time to sew I read lovely crafty blogs and all sorts of books, and browse the mesmerizing Instagram, usually with adorable Watson flopped in my lap.

These last couple of years I have not been sewing because I have been teaching art and aiding at my kids' school (which I LOVE). Hopefully, sewing will become a regular part of the schedule once we get settled in the new home! 

I also enjoy making things in the kitchen, but I wish we could do something about the three-times-EVERY-DAY thing. If I could roast a chicken about every third day, then much more sewing would get done!

Thanks for visiting :)